How To Increase Speed Of Mouse Pointer In Windows

Publish in Operating Systems April 28, 2018

In all new Windows has speed adjustment of mouse that is set by default in all windows because some peoples don’t have control on it and if you want to be advance operator so you should know about how to adjust the setting of mouse and there ar

How To Root Any Android Phone Or Device

Publish in Phones and Gadgets April 17, 2018

Rooting is a very simple process and very risky in Android phone or device that gives you more authority, means more benefits such as installing unapproved applications, root accessing, updating OS, replacing firmware, overclock and much more. You ca

How To Remove Write Protection From Pen Drive Or SD Card

Publish in Maintenance and Repair April 28, 2018

When you want to format, write and delete data from pen drive or SD Card then you can’t because your pen drive or SD card have some restrictions such as read only, write only and read and write only but you can remove these restrictions and som

How To Enable And Disable USB Devices Or Ports In Windows

Publish in Software April 17, 2018

Enabling or disabling USB ports protect you from stealing your personal data your computer to other persons devices suppose, when someone wants to use your system to copy some files from your system then he won’t be able to use your USB ports b

How To Combine Multiple Images In Photoshop CS6

Publish in Software April 17, 2018

Combining multiple images into the one image is different technique than other techniques and is little bit hard to apply, because it’s for beginners therefore you should have good experience of Photoshop. If you understand this technique then

How To Remove Acnes From The Face In Photoshop

Publish in Software April 17, 2018

Do you not want to capture or save your images any more? Because your face look ugly to cause of acne. Don’t worry about it because you can remove acnes, pimples and all type of scars with the help of Photoshop. There are many ways to remove ac

How To Change Hair Color In Photoshop

Publish in Software April 17, 2018

You’ll be able to change color of hair in any image after applying some filters of Photoshop in the image. It can be done with various technique in Photoshop and some technique is scarcely applied on the image because it needs practicing on Pho

How To Find An IP Address Of Any Website

Publish in Internet April 17, 2018

Every domain name is assigned with an IP address so that domain name can easily find out the exactly location of server with the help of IP address and get you served the webpages from the server as well as peoples can easily remember the domain name

How To Backup And Restore Data Of Any Android Phone From Computer

Publish in Software April 17, 2018

You don’t need to think any more about your data of android phone because you can easily back up and recover your whole android data from pc and it has own advantages such as you can keep your data on computer and backup and recover quickly. If

How To Compress Large Audio And Video Files In Windows

Publish in Software May 25, 2018

Audio and video compressing is little bit difficult than compressing ordinary files. When you try to compress audio and video file from windows feature then it doesn’t compress well and converts your all video and audio files in zip format beca

How To Compress Large Files In Windows

Publish in Software August 04, 2015

There are several reason to compress your large files and as it is easy as copy data one computer to another computer but why do I compress my files? Because it reduces as much file size as it can reduce and it can also transfer your data quickly one

How To Set A Password On Folders Or Files In Windows

Publish in Software July 30, 2015

There is no any feature to set password on folder or file in Windows but we have some good thirty party tools that can put a password on folders or any file. Now days we are worrying about our data such as confidential documents, your own mp3, litera

How To Hide And Show Hidden Files Or Folders On Windows

Publish in Basic Computer Skills April 18, 2018

Hiding files or folders is the inferior way to protect from other users because some users don’t know about your hidden files or folders, where you have hidden if user knows that you have some secret or very important folders, document and any

How To Back Up Data On Windows 8

Publish in Software May 01, 2018

If you are fearing that I can lose my data in Windows 8, so you don’t need to worry about it, because you can back up your whole computer hard drive or primary partition. Not only you can back up your hard drive but you can also take incrementa

How To Speed Up Your Slow Windows Computer

Publish in Maintenance and Repair Jun 06, 2015

Computer or pc is slowed down from Malwares, viruses, some software, high consumption of bandwidth, scrap or temporary files and h

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

Publish in Software Apr 15, 2018

If someone tells whether can you send me the screenshot of data and any work? If you don’t know that how to take a screensho

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