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Q: What is Sea Upload Private Limited?

Ans: Sea Upload Private Limited, Co-founder of Shafiquddin, is just a name of company and profitable organization, registered by MCA in India in 2011. We do all our legal works and accept all payments by this firm name.

Q: Who is the inventor of this website?

A: This website is invented by Shafiquddin, who is a computer passionate progammer. He doesn't have any engneering degree in Computer but he has been doing computer programming for last 10 years and also operating from childhood.

Q: Where did you get this idea to do it?

A: I know, everybody wants a good idea for inventing new thing. Where I got this idea, got from other websites like wikipedia, wikihow and ehow etc. Now you will ask us, this type of sites are also available in the internet So what's new in your site and what will I get from you. Here is the simple answer, I have something to show you but I don't want to reveal now. You will have to wait for it.

Q: I have to ask questions and also need help so how do I contact you?

A. Please ask us any question. We will delightfully answers of yours questions. You can post your questions on our contact us page and we’ll try to find a solution. You can also ask through an email at contact@quizhow.com.

Q: Can I suggest you a topic of the article?

A: Yes, you can suggest any topic of article but topic should be start by How. Otherwise, we will not write. You can send your topic at contact@quizhow.com.

Q: Why do you not accept guest posts?

A: Sorry! We don't want to publish any guest posts on Quizhow but can give your response at the end of article.

Q: Can I republish your article on my website or any other method?

A: We have little or simple answer of this question. The answer is no and we will never be able to endure that our article is republished by anything like Internet, Magazine and News Paper etc. So please do not republish our articles. If we get our article anywhere, we will take legal action and also immediately submit a complaint in DMCA. You must know about the Plagiarism. Plagiarism is the best way to find duplicate articles in the whole Internet.

Q: Can you help me in my matter, work, business and anything?

A: Yes, Why not? But You will have to send the whole information of your problems and matter should be belonged to How like this How to re-start my relationship, start new business and approach a girl.

If you have any matter, you can send us on this email address at art@quizhow.com. We will send to you link of article after resolving and we don't take any type of money for this work. we are just helping ourselves.

Q: Can I write an article for Quizhow and How do I publish article ?

A: Yes, You can write but you'll have to write in right manner without any grammer mistakes with step by step and original otherwise, we will not accept. Becuase we do not want to misguide our readers and we also want to maintain our quality. If you have already written, You can send on this email id at art@quizhow.com.

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