How To Send Large Files With Email

Publish in Software May 31, 2015

Are you frustrated with large files? Don’t worry about it. Now, you are able to send large files over email. We know, there are many email clients and they don’t accept your large file to send with email. Every email client has own limitation of files to send, somewhere 10MB, 20MB and 25MB, but we can take help of another file sharing websites such as Mega, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. There are also have limitation of files for uploading but they are giving as much free space as we need. Now this article will teach you that how to send large files over email.

Sign in google account

1. Sign in your Google Account: open the Google then go to the option of “Sign in” at the right top then click on it then when you’ll be reached login page then fill the all empty fields with your username and password for signing.

come back to google

2. Come back to Google: Type the keyword of “google drive” into the search field then click on the first link of Google Drive. After opening the website you need to click on Google Drive. If you want to use another file sharing site, so you can use.

upload files in google drive

3. Upload Files: Now, you have to go to option of “Upload file” under the “My Drive”, which you will at the left top then click on it and then browse your files, whose want to upload to send with email.

  • If you want to upload a folder, you’ll have to choose another option of “Upload Folder”.
  • You can also upload multiple file at a time.
  • Don’t upload any malicious files. It is better for you not to upload this type of files although, you won’t be able to upload any malicious file.
  • Don’t upload any personal image or files
  • There are only free space of 15 GB if you need more free space, you can use Mega, which gives you free space of 50 GB or you can also use another Google account.
upload files in google drive

4. Make shareable link of file: After Uploading your file, you’ll have to make a shareable file. Locate your uploaded file then right click on it then click on option of “Share” then one small box appear on your eyes and then click on the “Get Shareable link”. Your shareable link will automatically generated as well as copied.

  • If you don’t make shareable, no one can read or download your file because it’s protected by you.
  • You can also invite the peoples for editing, comment and view after making of shareable link under “Advanced option”
compose email in Gmail

5. Compose Mail: You’ll have to login your email account. You can use any email service provider. The Gmail, whose instance I am giving you. Now, you can easily find “compose” button at the left top then click on it. After clicking you will get one small box at the right bottom, whose name of box is “New Message”.

write new email with large files

6. Go to “New Message Box” then fill out the all fields such as recipients email id, subject and your message whatever you want to tell about your work or files then copy your shareable link of uploaded file, whose made in Google Drive then paste your shareable link into the message box, wherever you want then click on “Send” button and after your large file will be sent with email. Please wait for some minutes to check email sent or not if you get an unsuccessful message, you’ll have to send again and again because it’s server problem or try again after some time. If you don’t receive any unsuccessful message, you will not do anything again and your file has been sent.

recieved email

7.Take a look of received email: Here is a sample of email, whose you sent. Receiver has to click on link to download or view file.

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