How To Send An Email With Gmail

Publish in Internet April 15, 2018

You can easily send Text Message, Images, Little Videos and Documents one person to second person by using any email address. Simply, within few minutes. There are two types of email, one is simple text email and second is HTML But, I will only use Gmail Account to send a simple text email and explain you how to send a simple text email using Gmail. There are many sites to send an email such as Yahoo, Bing, Rediffmail etc. you can also use this sites to send an email and most sites has same procedure.

open the gmail account

1. Open the Gmail Account: Go to the search page of Google then you will see the option of “Gmail” at the top of right corner then click on it.

compose new email in gmail

2. Compose: Now, You have to click the button ‘Compose’, who has option below of ‘Gmail’. You will get the “New Message” box on the same page at the bottom of right corner after clicking on the compose button.

go to new message box in gmail

3. Go to the “New Message Box” and go to the form of ‘To’ to fill the email address of recipient and also find the contacts to click on ‘To’.

There are two more option for sending copies to send other persons. If you want to send copies to other persons so you will have to add on the ‘Cc’ (Carbon Copy) and ‘Bcc’ (Blind Carbon Copy) at the top of right corner of the box then enter the email addresses of the persons.

enter subject of email

4. Subject of email: Now, Write the subject of the email in the form of ‘Subject’.

type your message in gmail

5. Type Message: Type your text message, who wants to type anything. You can type anything in this big white box after entering the subject.

attach document and file sending email

6. Attach Document and files: You will have to find the button of ‘Attach’ at the below of message box then click on it.

browse file to upload for sending with email

7. Browse file: Now, Select the any file or document, who has to send the person then click on the ‘open’ after selecting the files and then your files or documents will automatically be uploaded. Sometime, it takes too time to complete but it normally takes some few minutes and it also depends on your internet speed. or you can also send an email without attaching any files. If you have large file so don’t worry about it. You can send your file Google Drive.

send email

8. Sending: Your email is ready to send. Now, you should find the button of ‘Send’ at near of attach button in blue color and then click it. Wait until you are not gotten message that your message has been sent.

Send more email with gmail

9. Send more emails to your friends!

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