How To Recover Deleted Files From Any Media Device

Publish in Software May 31, 2015

If you have deleted your very important files or document or accidently deleted so you may be able to recover your files or data but you will have to take an action immediately. If you don’t take any action quickly, you may not be able to recover your files but every deleted files can normally be recovered within 7 days or if you are deleting your files frequently so you couldn’t probably recover your files. You just follow this simple steps to recover your lost files in just few minutes.

download recovery software

1. Download software of recovery: Open this site Cgsecurity for downloading TestDisk recovery program then go to download page at the below of logo of the TestDisk and then you will see the big green button of download TestDisk now, you have to download to click on this button.
There are list of some data recovery software (Premium and Free). It can also recover your lost data.

  • TestDisk, which is supported multiplatform.
  • Data Recovery Wizard
  • Recuva
  • TotalRecovery, which can give bootable backup and recover data of system.
  • Restoration
  • Glary Undelete
  • Puran File Recovery
  • Recover My File
un-archive the zipped folder of testdisk

2. Un-archive the zipped folder of TestDisk: Zipped folder of TestDisk will be gotten after downloading then go to zipped folder of TestDisk and then right click of the mouse at the unzipped folder to click on “Extract here”. You will get new folder of TestDisk with the same name and at the same location.

open the testdisk software

3. Open the program: Open the folder of TestDisk then find the application with the name of “testdisk_win.exe” and then double click on it. Your recovery program will automatically be started.

selecting options information storing in testdisk

4. Selecting options for information of storing: There are 3 types of options to store information in log file. It depends on you, what option you want to choose for storing information. If you don’t want to store so you can select the 3rd option and other two options, if you want to create a new file for storing information so you should press “Enter” at the 1st option “Create New Logs” and 2nd option for appending information in same log file but we choose the 3rd option “Don’t record anything”.

select media device in testdisk

5. Select a media: Now, You will have to choose media such as partition, whole hard disk, pend drive and any other external media and you will have to give as much space as your lost file size. I select the partition.

select partition table for recovery

6. Selection of partition table type: There are 7 types of partition table such as Humax, Mac, None, Sun, Xbox and EFI and GPT. It will also give you hint that what type of partition you have at the below of option as you are seeing in this image and you should assume its hint.

activate expert mode in testdisk

7. Activate the Expert Mode: It had better to recover lost data because it adds some good functions to perform in deep. If you do this, it will recover more better. You have to select “Options” to activate expert mode then go to the “Expert Mode” then press enter to activate and then come back to press “OK”.

analyse the files before recovery

8. Analyzing the file: You have to enter the option of “Analyze”, which is the first option then analysis will automatically started.

search deleted files in testdisk

9. Search the deleted files: You do not need to do anything here. You have to just press enter at the option of 'Quick Search'. Your deleted files will be recovered.

checking structure before recovery

10. Checking structure: You will have to check “Ok” report of structure. If you don’t get “Ok” report, you will have to analyze again unless get OK report of structure .

get all deleted files

11. Get Files: Press “P” to get all files from your recovery partition.

find deleted files

12. Find Deleted Files: Every deleted files are shown in red color after analyzing You will have to find the exact location of deleted your file or wherever you saved.

  • Left arrow to go previous location.
  • Right arrow to go next location, wherever you want to go.
  • H to hide or unhide your deleted Files.
  • A to select all files. It will show you in green color after selecting.
  • C to copy all selected files and current file.
  • Q to quite.
  • Esc to get back to partition.
copy all deleted files from testdisk

13. Recover deleted file: First Select that file, which you want to recover then press the “C” then select the directory, wherever you want to take back your deleted file after choosing location then press again “C” to copy deleted file and then wait unless get message of success.

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