How To Record Your Computer Screen

Publish in Software May 31, 2015

If you want to record your work or whatever you want so you can record at any platform. Screen recording is recorded by third party program so you need a thirty party program to record at Microsoft Windows. There are many types of programs for Windows so that we can record your computer screen and this article briefly convince you with simple software that how to record screen.

download microsoft directX

1. Download the DirectX: first you need to download this plugin, which will give you full-color of graphics, movie quality and audio quality. DirectX can be downloaded from Microsoft DirectX if you don’t install this plugin, you won’t be able to install OBS.

Download Open BroadCaster Software

2. Download the program: Open Broadcaster Software is a free program for all users and it is also available in 32bit or 64bit version, which you want, you can take and it is only available for Windows users. You can download from OBS project then you’ll have to install in your system after installing DirectX.

Open the OBS

3. Open the OBS: After installing Open Broadcaster Software, you’ll be gotten the icon of OBS at the Desktop. You need to double left click of the mouse at the OBS icon.

Add Sources in OBS

4. Add sources: Right click of mouse at small white box of “Sources” then select the “Add” and then click the “Monitor Capture” and now you don’t need to change any settings of “Sources” you just click “OK” to add.

Advaced Setting in OBS

5. Advanced settings: Go to “settings” then click the “Advanced” at left options. You must change some settings as below mention.

  • Process Priority Class is “High” under the option of General.
  • Check the box of “Allow other modifiers on hotkeys”.
  • Put the “Veryfast” in x264 CPU Preset under the Video.
  • Check the box of “use CFR” as well as "Encode in full range" under option of Video.
Start Recording with OBS

6. Start Recording: You OBS has been completely configured to record screen and now you’ve to click “start recording” then when your recording will be recorded so you’ll have to click again the same button to stop recording. If you don’t stop, your recording will keep on continually recording.

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