How To Play Video File While Downloading

Publish in Software May 31, 2015

Are you still waiting to watch video after downloading? Now, you needn’t to wait to download because there’re many types of software available in the market, which can play the any video file without knowing file extension. Now you are thinking that how is it possible. If you want to play any video file such as .avi, .mkv, .flv, .Ogg, wmv, so follow these very simple steps to play.

Download VLC media player

1. Download the VLC media player: VLC is free multimedia player, which plays any media file and no any requirement to install any codec to play videos. It perfectly works on Linux and Mac.

  • Open this link
  • You’ll see the big button “Download VLC”, click on it to download setup file.
  • Install properly on your computer.

Open the VLC

2. Open the VLC: You got an icon of VLC after installing of setup file at desktop. Go to desktop to find out the icon of VLC then double click on it to start program. If you doesn’t get icon at desktop, go to “Start Menu” then go to search field and then type this keyword of “vlc” to get VLC software.

Setting of player

3. Setting of player: It is not necessary to change. If you change, it will work much better. Go to “Preferences” under the option of “Tools” then click on it to change settings and then below mention the all settings, which you have to do.

  • First, click on “Video”, which is your left hand side.
  • Uncheck the “Accelerated Video output(Overlay)”
  • Check the “Use hardware YUV->RGB conversions” as well as “windows decorations”.
  • Then, click “Save” and then close the VLC.
Download video file

4. Download the any video file from internet. For example as you can see in the image my video file is downloading through DAP and my file is transferring at desktop and my file is unknown format.

Play video file while downloading

5. Now play the video while downloading: You have to drag the video unknown format file towards the VLC icon, which is downloading then drop the file at the icon of VLC and then your video will be played.

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