How To Make Green Tea

Publish in Drinks May 31, 2015

Green tea is very good drink in beverages and it gives us lots of nutrients, which is very powerful in our body. It also loss your body weight. If you drink regular, it will boost your brain. Available in many flavors such as lemon, Honey lemon, blackberry, watermelon and Coconut. This article will teach that how to make green natural and normal tea without any flavor.

Method 1: Making With Tea Leaves

items and ingredients for making green tea

1. Prepare all items and ingredients: There are nothing to collect for making but you’ll have to need a gas stove, green tea leaves and water then prepare your gas stove to make.

make decision cup of green tea want to make

2. Make decision how many cups do you want to make. Normally, 2.5g to 5g green tea leaves takes in one cup (100ml). If you want to make more strong so you’ll have to take more tea leaves around 5g to 8g but we shall take 8g of green tea leaves because it will become more stronger.

boiling water for green tea

3. Boil water: Now, you’ve to take a green tea pan then put the tea pan into the gas stove then pour water into tea pan and then boil only water for 1 or 2 minutes. Boiling temperature should be 80 °C. If you boil less 80 °C, you will have to give more time for boiling otherwise, it will not be testier.

  • If you want to add more things like honey, lemon, water melon and blackberry so put the sap of it before adding leaves.
  • If you don’t drink bitter, you can also use sugar. If you take sugar, don’t take more than half spoon of sugar in a cup.
  • If you have thermometer for testing temperature, you will be able to easily know water temperature.
add green tea leaves

4. Add green tea leaves: your water is ready to put green tea leaves into the water and boil again for 20 to 40 seconds with same temperature and keep your eye at the water lest it shouldn’t be brewed.

straining green tea leaves

5. Straining: Pick up the clean strainer then properly sieve into the cup or mug. It has some leaves after sieving, you can manually remove it.

tea ready for drinking

6. Finished: You are ready to drink and if you drink empty stomach, it will keep you fit.

Method 2: Make With Tea Bag

boiling water into the tea pan

1. Take the pan and boiling water: First we shall take a clean tea pan then put your pan into the gas stove then pour into the as much water as you want to make and then boil it for 1m to 2 minutes.

put out the hot water from tea pan

2. Put out the water: Now, Pour hot water into the cup or mug then take out the tea bags.

dipping tea leaves bags into the cup

3. Dip the leaves bag: you’ve to dip tea bag for few minutes in cup or mug and allow to infuse for 1 or 2 minutes.

green tea

4. Finished: Enjoy your drink and drink immediately if you drink too late, you will probably loss your taste.

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