How To Make An Indian Tea

Publish in Drinks April 15, 2018

This Indian milk tea, which has only 5 things for making or you can also take more things like ginger etc. and it has lots of health benefits. For Instance It reduces risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke. Most Indians are drinking this tea in the early morning as well as evening but I suggest you, don’t take more than 5 cup of tea in a day because it has also disadvantages like Acidity.

take ingredient to make indian tea

1. Take the all ingredients. First we take all ingredients as per below and these all ingredients only for a cup of tea. We take neat and clean tea pan and there is no any size matter of tea pan but it depends on you, how many cup of tea do you want to make.

  • One tea pan
  • Half cup of water
  • Half spoon of sugar
  • 4th part of Spoon of tea leaves
  • Half cup of milk
  • And ginger (Optional, If you take, your tea will be more tastier )
prepare gas stove to make tea

2. Preparing the gas stove and tea pan. First Now you will have to turn on the gas stove then you have to get fire caught by using lighter and match box then put tea pan into the gas stove.

boiling water with tea leaves

3. Boiling water with tea leaves. Put the half cup of water into the tea pan as well as half spoon of tea leaves then simmer of the water at least 30 seconds. If you want to make strong tea, you’ll have to more simmer of tea leaves in water. Don’t simmer more than 2 minutes.

put milk into tea pan

4. Put milk into the tea pan. Now, You have to put milk into tea pan and you will have to simmer again of your tea but this time you will have to give more time for simmering at least 3 to 5 minutes.

add sugar into tea pan

5. Add Sugar. Put half spoon of sugar into the water and wait for dissolving. Most one or two spoon of sugar is normally dissolved in a minute.

images/dataimages/all/make-an-indian-tea/make-indian-tea21.JPG "straining tea leaves"]

6. Straining. Now, Your perfect Indian tea is ready to strain into the cup, mug or whichever you want and please properly clean your strainer then strain.

finished making indian tea

7. Finished. Your Indian tea is ready to drink. If you drink in winter, you will get more enjoyment.

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