How To Hide And Show Hidden Files Or Folders On Windows

Publish in Basic Computer Skills April 18, 2018

Hiding files or folders is the inferior way to protect from other users because some users don’t know about your hidden files or folders, where you have hidden if user knows that you have some secret or very important folders, document and any file so user can easily show and locate your all hidden files and folders. if you don't want to compromise with your confidential data so you should read about how to set a password on folders or files in Windows . If you want to know that how to hide or show files and folder so here is a simple way to hide and show only on Windows.

change setting of folder

1. Need to change some folder settings: Go to control panel then find and click “Appearance and Personalization” in category. You will see the list of other options but you’ve to open “Folder Options” and then you need to check option “Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives” is checked or not. If it’s not so check it otherwise your files won’t hide.

If you couldn’t find setting of Folder, you can also change from here.

  • In Windows 8: Open the Computer named “This PC” then look at the top menu options you’ll see “View” option then click on it and after find and click on “Change folder and file options” under the options.
  • In Windows Vista and XP: Here, you don’t need to go Appearance and Personalization because there is no category therefore you can easily find out Folder Option inside the Control Panel.
hide the folder or file with its properties option

2. Hide the folder or any file: File or folder, which you want to hide, go to there then right click on your hiding file or folder then click on “Properties” and now see the check box of “Hidden” at bottom beside option of “Advanced…” and then check the box to uncheck then your file or folder will be hidden.

  • First ensure that what is the location of hiding file or folder. If you forget then some difficulty to find hidden files in future.
  • Don’t delete any folder without checking hidden files. When you delete a folder then everything will be deleted from the folder as well as hidden files or folders.
showing hidden file after changing folder setting

3. Show the hidden files: Now you’ll have to go back to control panel to select option of “Show hidden files, folders and drives” in Folder Options under the view Tab then you’ll need to go back your hidden file location to check your file, is come back or not first make sure that you have hidden file. After showing hidden files, files will be showed in bright color as you can see in the image.

4. Unhide the files: First you’ll need to make sure that files or folder hidden setting is set on “Show hidden files, folders or drives” because you won’t be able to see hidden files. If you cannot see so you won’t be able to show. After showing, you’ll have to go to hidden file location and choose one hidden file, which you want to show then go to hidden file “Properties” and then uncheck the “Hidden” attribute and after you’ll need to click on “OK” and after change setting, your files will be showed for everyone.

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