How To Find IP Address Of Computer

Publish in Software July 01, 2018

Every network or Internet connection has an Internet Protocol (IP) Address, which points your exact location of accessing network or Internet like your home address and there are two types of IP address first is IP version 4 and second is IP version 6, both works same, but IPv6 much better features comparison then IPv4. One more internal IP address in system which points to local network. Let’s check the IP address of computer with some different methods.

Method 1: With the help of Search Engines

open the website of bing

1. Open the website of Bing: It’s very simple method to find your IP address and you can also find your IP by another search engines like Google and Ask. Search Engines give you an external IP address, which is IP version 4.

enter keyword of ip address

2. Get IP address: You don’t need to do hard work to find IP address from search engines. You just need to type “ip Address” or “what is my ip address” into the search field then press enter of keyboard and then your external IP address will display at top of page. Your IP address will look like this “”. This IP address keep on frequently changing. If you find your IP address again after some days or next day, you will see your IP address, is different to previous IP Address.

Method 2: Using Command Prompt

Open the command prompt with method

1. Open the Command Prompt: Go to “Start Menu” then go to the search box then type “cmd” into the search field then right click at option of “Command Prompt” and then click on “Run as administrator”. Your command prompt will be opened as an administrator or find and open the “Run” program inside of “Start Menu” then type “cmd” into the open field and then press Enter.

ip configuration

2. Type a simple command of “ipconfig” then press enter and then you will get list of networks such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth.

list of network connection in cmd

3. Find the IP address from the list: After typing command, you need to find your active network from the list of networks then find out the line that is written name of IPv4 address. Your IP address is just across of IPv4 Address, which is in numerical value, will look like “”.

Method 3: Using Network Connection

network and sharing center

1. Open Network Connection: First you have to go to “start menu” then “Control Panel” then find out the option of “Network and Sharing Center” and then click on the “change adapter setting”, which will find at left options.

  • You can simply open with the help of command “ncpa.cpl” by typing this command into the open field of “Run”
status of network

2. Open status of connection: You need to choose a network connection, whose want to find IP then after choosing you’ll have to right click of the mouse at your active network connection and then click on “Status”, which is in bold.

detail of network

3. Get Information of Network Connection: Now, everything has been almost done. You just click option of the “Details…” under the “status”. You will be gotten your all information about your connection include your IPv4.

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