How To Find An IP Address Of Any Website

Publish in Internet April 17, 2018

Every domain name is assigned with an IP address so that domain name can easily find out the exactly location of server with the help of IP address and get you served the webpages from the server as well as peoples can easily remember the domain name because peoples cannot remember the IP address therefore domain name is assigned to the IP address. It means, a domain name is not necessary to access a website because we can also access from the IP address. If website administrator want to get you accessed from the IP address. Finding an IP address of website as it’s not difficult as peoples think but it’s not also easy. There are many ways to find particular IP address of website such as online tools, using command prompt etc. now it depends on you which is the easiest way for you. This article will teach you that how to find an IP address of any website.

Method 1. Using Command Prompt

open the command prompt in windows with many ways

1. Open the command prompt: command prompt is a simple command line interpreter on Windows. Now you’ll have to go to start menu then find out the “Run” then start it then type “cmd” into run box and then press “Enter”. Command prompt will be opened if not, try other methods that mention below.

  • Windows 8: Go to the start menu then type this keyword “command prompt” into the search box and then you will see the first tool that you’ve to open.
  • Windows 7, vista and XP: click on the “Start” button then “All Programs” then “Accessories” and then look for the command prompt from the list of tools.
ping command to get IP address of website

2. Enter the command of “Ping” to get an IP Address of website on command prompt: as you can see the example in the image. Before entering command, you’ll need to check internet connection because you won’t be able to get IP address without internet connection.

website ip address under the brackets in command prompt

3. Note down the IP address that is under the brackets: You’ll see the IP address under the brackets beside the domain name on the first pinging line.

Method 2. Get IP Address with the help of online services

website ip address under the brackets in command prompt

1. Open any website of search: Open any browser that you use on the computer such as Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer or anyone then open the then type the keyword “website IP” or “website IP lookup” into the search box and then lot of website links will be appeared on the page. You can open any website to check IP address of website and you can also direct open from that I use.

find website ip address

2. After opening any website, you need to just enter the domain name that you want to check IP Address and then click on the button.

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