How To Create A Facebook Business Page

Publish in Internet April 15, 2018

Millions of people can easily be connected from your Facebook business page and you are able to distribute images, documents, videos and text among the Peoples in few clicks. If you are a business tycoon, artist, celebrity, singer, sports player and dancer so you must have at least 1 business page on Facebook and If you have small or large scale business or company, institution, movie, album and also community so you must also have a Facebook page for your business because Facebook business page is made for customer or user relationship, fan following and also marketing.

Once you create a Facebook business page then you need to maintain your page and you’ll have to post regular basis to connect with your audience and you need more users, fans and customers so you’ll have to get advertisement done or you can also tell your friends through invitation and if your friends want to tell someone about your page, they can also tell their friends through invitation and now, there are very simple steps to create Facebook business page to attract more people, you have to just follow this simple steps as mention below then you will also have a page for your business.

login in facebook account

1. Log in account of Facebook: you need an account to create a page for business. If you don’t have so you’ll have to create one. And now, login your account by entering your email id and password into the empty input at right top and don’t forget to uncheck “Keep me logged in” because your account is not an ordinary account and keep in your mind one more thing, when you’ll be asked to save your password, so don’t save your password.

business page link of create

2. Where is the link of create a page? : You will be found this link at right top under the “Use Facebook as:” near option of “privacy shortcut”.

select type of page

3. Select the page type: We have to create a business page but you can also create another type of page such as artist, cause or community, NGO, organization and entertainment. There are total 6 types of page but we shall choose the “Local Business or place” and Local business page has lots of advantages or benefits for instance it will give more reputation of your business.

fill empty input in facebook

4. Fill some empty inputs: After choosing type of page, you will be asked to provide some information your business for instance category, name of business, address and contact number. You’ll have to fill all empty inputs then click on “Get Started” at the bottom box.

type information your business

5. Type the information of your business: This information is very important for your reputation and most important is description, which has to provide you within 155 word. If you have your business website so you can also provide and your users or customers and fans will more attract or impress. And if you want to make a unique link of your page so that fans, customers or users may easily read and understand. If you give a unique address of page so anyone cannot easily forget your page.

upload image of profile in facebook

6. Upload image of profile: After clicking previously step next, when to be reached to upload page to upload your profile image such as logo of your business. I strongly recommend you to upload image because your Facebook business page will become more attractive and you needn’t do anything here you just click on the “Upload From Computer” then browse the image file then select the file, which you want put on the profile then click “open” to upload and after uploading you will be shown your profile image at the box. If your profile image is not shown at the box so you will have to re-upload unless your image is come at the box and then click “Next” to next step.

add to favorites in facebook

7. Add to favorites: if you add to favorites so you will be able to easily access your page. If you don’t want to add so you can also skip this step without any problem or if you want to add your page to your favorites so you just click the green button of “Add to favorites” by the way it’s not necessary to add in favorites.

tell to all freinds about page

8. Tell us to everyone about this page so that people may easily find: Most important or a little bit expensive step to create a business page on Facebook because your Facebook business page will be useless or bad without audience. If you don’t have any folk, so what will you do without folk?

  • Location: Set the locations, wherever you want to tell us about the page.
  • Age: You can set the age between 18 to 65 as you want.
  • Gender: This function can help that if you don’t want to tell to girls or women, so put the Men to All as well as Women to all.
  • Interest: This function brings you targeted users or customers and fans.

Facebook can create an advertising campaign to bring more customers or fans to your business page but you will have to pay for it. If you are ready to advertise your Facebook business page, so you will see better consequences after advertising.

9. Finished: Now you’ve to maintain your Facebook business page.

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