How To Change Theme Of Google Chrome

Publish in Software May 31, 2015

To change theme of Google chrome is not difficult, which can be changed within few minutes. After altering the browser styles, you’ll be able to comfortably surf internet and get more enjoyment. If you want to give more styles on your Google chrome, so follow these simple steps. If you are using another platform like Linux and Mac, so these steps are also working perfectly, can apply without any fear and take advantage of Google Chrome themes.

Open the web browser

1. Open the web Browser: Go to desktop on your computer then find out the icon of Google Chrome or whatever you are using browser and then double click on it to open as you can see in the image.

Open the setting of browser

2. Open the setting of browser: Go to the “Customize and control option”, which is the upper your right hand below of cross sign then click on it and then you will see the last 3rd option of “setting”, click on it.

appearance of google chrome

3. Now, you’ll get two options under the “Appearance” as you are watching in the image second is “Reset to default theme”, which reverts the modified browser to default browser to single click on it. First is “Get themes”, which will move on chrome web store to download new themes and apps. Click on “Get themes” then come to the next step.

Open the web browser

4. Click on the option of “Themes”, which is in the left panel or in blue color then all themes will automatically be loaded on the page. Choose the theme, which one you like to set on your browser or you can also search.

selecting theme of chrome

5. Select and add the theme: Now, enlarge the theme by clicking of right button of mouse on the selected theme then click on “Add” blue button to add on your browser. As you see above in the instance of theme of “Lone Tree”.

installing crx file in chrome

6. Installing CRX File: After clicking of “Add” button, wait for some time to download the all files of themes in your computer and after downloading, theme will automatically be installed and changed. If theme does not change, restart your browser. I hope you will see your browser with new theme.

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