How To Change Password With The Help Of Command Prompt

Publish in Software May 31, 2015

To change any user password is very simple from command of “net user” at the Windows command prompt but password can only be changed by administrator otherwise, get this error “System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied”. If you are administrator so you can change and you don’t need to enter current password of any user. This article will describe you how to change a password at the command prompt.

open the windows command promt

1 Open the Windows command Prompt at the Windows 8: Go to start menu then type this keyword “cmd” or command into search box at corner top of the start menu then right clicking of the mouse at the command prompt and then click the “Run as administrator”.

open cmd in windows xp or 7

1.1. Open the Windows command Prompt at the Windows XP or 7: Open the “Run” into the “Start Menu” then type “cmd” or "cmd.exe" and then you will see a black type of window that is called Command Prompt or can also search into the start menu of this keyword “cmd”.

get list of users in cmd

2. Get list of users: Type “net user” then press enter to get list of all users and then choose the user which password of account want to change.

net user command in cmd

3. Enter the username: Now type “net user username *” and then press again enter before checking star at the end of username. If you forget to put star, it will give you lots of instructions so you’ll have to type again.

enter password in command prompt

4. Type password: you won’t be able to see your password and also sign of stars so you’ll have to carefully type your password then press enter to type again.

type again password at cmd

5. Type again password: This time you’ll have to confirm your password as you are seeing in the image.

message of changed for password in cmd

6. Message of changed: Your password will automatically be changed after entering confirm password. Password immediately works after changing. If you don’t receive success message so you should check your all permission and read properly again the first step.

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