How To Back Up Data On Windows 8

Publish in Software May 01, 2018

If you are fearing that I can lose my data in Windows 8, so you don’t need to worry about it, because you can back up your whole computer hard drive or primary partition. Not only you can back up your hard drive but you can also take incremental and differential backup. If you don’t want to keep backup data on system, so you can take a backup online that can very easy and safe. Now you are thinking that what is backup. Backup is simple process, which can copy and archive your whole data from computer then save in one file. Backed up file will restore your files or data after losing or corrupt files. It’s just like time machine. When you accidently delete very important file after date of backing up then you can’t take, because you didn’t take any backup on these dates. If you don’t frequently take backup of your data from computer, so you’ll not be able to backup and you can probably loss your data. I know you are too curious to know that how to take a backup of my computer data. You just follow these simple steps to take a backup of computer hard drive and any data.

Method 1: Using File History in Windows 8

Open the file history in windows 8

1. Open the File History: Windows backup tool changed into the File History. File history is a simple tool in all version of Windows 8 that automatically backups all data time to time if you turn on. Now use these simple points to open File History.

  • Go to “Start Menu” then “Control Panel” then find out the tool of “File History” among the tools and then single click to open File History.
  • Go to “Start Menu” then “Control Panel” then look at the first option of “System and Security”, click on it then scroll down then look for the tool of “File History” and then one left click on mouse to open File History tool.
  • This is a very easy method to open that go to “Start Menu” then hover the cursor at the right corner and you’ll get menu of option and then click on the “Search”. Type the keyword “File history” into the search box at the top. After open the “Start Menu”, if you press any key on the keyboard, it will automatically type your keywords into the search box so you’ll not need to find search box.
select disk in file history

2. Select the disk where you want to save back up file: First of all, I’d like to recommend to backup data whether you should use external any media device such as hard drive and pend drive. Now, click on the “Select drive” at the left options between Restore personal files and Exclude Folder and then Select drive window will be appeared. If you want to save backup data into the backup drive, you’ll need to click on “Add Network Location” as you can see in the image and if you store external media device. First you need to plug device then device will automatically be appeared in the list then select the device from the list and then click “Ok” and after selecting disk, come back to File history.

change advanced setting file history

3. Change some advanced settings: It’s not necessary to do same setting as mention because it depends on you what type of settings you set. There are 3 major settings first is “Save Copies Files” under the versions, which set a particular time of period to back up data. Here two things to set first is how you are using computer, if you are heavily using so you should set “Every 30 minutes”, which means will backup data in every 30 minutes. If you spend only some time in a day on computer so you needn’t to backup data in every 30 minutes or hour. You should set “Daily” and leave the all settings same.

file history turn on

4. Turn on the File history: Keep few things in your mind, you can only backup data from these directories Libraries, Desktop, Contacts and Favorites. First, you need to copy or move your backup files or data into one of these directory then you’ll be able to appropriately backup data. Now, click on “Turn On” to backup then it will automatically be started as well as backed up all data time to time.

Method 2: Using EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Open EaseUs Todo Backup Tool

1. Open the EaseUs Todo Backup Tool: This tools is free and very easy and fast, gives you many types features and it will backup data in many ways such as Disk/ partition Backup, File backup, system backup and smart backup. One of the best feature that build only one file in the PBD format. First you’ll have to download and install this software and then open this software.

Click on File backup and select file

2. Click on File backup and select file: You can choose whatever option to backup data from the list as you can see simple instance of file backup. Now you need to click on “File Backup” then browse the file, whose want to backup and then click on “Proceed”.

Backup file with easeus todo backup

3. Backing up file: After clicking on Proceed, backup will be started and then wait for some time to complete of progressing.

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