How To Access Another Computer Remotely From Computer

Publish in Software April 15, 2018

If you don’t want to go to office for working so you don’t need to go because, you can access your work computer from your home computer and can also send or receive files or documents but you’ll have to take permission to connect from another computer and computer must not be shut down for accessing from anywhere and also must have network access.

Method 1: Using Team Viewer

download software team viewer

1. Download the program: There are two types of use, Remote Control and File Transfer and also works on Mac, Linux and mobile. It is not only use for Remote Control and File transfer but it is also make video call or phone. If you want to make portable USB or CD that can be run directly, you will have to download portable version but it works only for mobile. Here is the instructions to download program.

  • Go to the TeamViewer Download Page
  • Click the Download link at top below of language option.
  • Select the Windows programs then download the All-in-one Version which is the first download. Your Program will be downloaded.
set new password in team viewer

2. Set the personal password: You must do configuration of security. You will have to define a personal password so that anyone may not connect from another computer without taking your permission. Whoever wants to connect who will only connect in your presence.

  • Open your Team viewer by single clicking at icon of Team Viewer.
  • First you’ll have to set your display name and go to the “Options” under the “Extras” at the top links near option of Connection.
  • Click “Security” which will you get at the left side options.
  • Now you will be seeing two empty inputs in the column of personal password at the top as you are seeing in the image so you will have to enter your password into the fields.
  • Come to the next column of “Rules for connections to this computer” then you have to change “Not Allowed” to “Allowed for administrators only” under the Windows Logon.
change advanced setting in teamviewer

3. Change advanced setting: There are 7 types of controlling in the advanced setting such as share files, recording meetings, controlling computer, host meeting and receive files so you need to check all of these controlling options as well as another options as I mention 2 settings at the below, which is must.

  • Put the “Full Access” of access control in “Advanced settings for connections to this computer” as well as “Advanced settings for connections to other computers”
  • Now set the inactive session time which will also be found at the same location. When you will not be doing anything so it will automatically be cut the connection after timing out.
create a new account in teamviewr

4. Create an account: If you want to take more advantages of this program such as contacts and meeting features. You won’t be able to use your personal password without an account of Team viewer so you’ll have to create a account, which is free of cost. Once you create your account and then you can use all features after logging in.

  • Go to “Setup unattended access” under the “Connections”.
  • You have to do nothing on the first step as well as second step that ask you to enter the password.
  • Fill up the all inputs then click “Next” and after you will automatically be logged in.
connect remotely with another device

5. Connect remotely from another device: Once you have done all of these steps then you are fully ready to connect remotely with another computer. Now enter the partner id to connect with his computer then click on the “Connect to partner” then enter the partner password and then you will be connected.

Method 2: Using Remote Desktop Connection

check the remote connection in teamviewer

1. Check the Remote connection: If you don’t check this option, you won’t be able to access computer and also check the remote assistance connection which will give you more advantage.

  • Open “properties” of the computer after going to start menu.
  • then check the “Allow remote connections to this computer” as well as “Allow remote assistance connections to this computer” under the options of “Remote”.
add new users in teamviewer

2. Add Users: You need to add users that can connect remotely from that computer. You will be seeing option of “Select Users” then click on it to add users.

connect to another computer in team viewer

3. Connect to another computer: Go to “Start Menu” then find out the “Remote Desktop Connection” then start program and then click on “connect” after entering name of computer which want to connect.

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